Hall of Infamy Site Sources

Bakker, Jim

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Belfort, Jordan

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Bellchambers, Gary

“Gary Bellchambers made millions selling fake golf clubs on eBay,” The Times, 12/15/09
“eBay Golf Club Conman Gary Bellchambers Jailed for Four Years,” The Times, 3/5/10
“Essex Boy Known as ‘The Man’ Made Million in ‘Biggest-Ever eBay Fraud’ from Exploding Golf Balls and Fake Clubs,” The Daily Mail, 12/15/09
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“Fake Golf Club Gang are Sentenced,” BBC News, 3/4/10

Bennett, Phillip

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Billman, Tom

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Birrell, Lowell

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Black, Conrad

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Black, Eli

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Boesky, Ivan

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Cornfeld, Bernard

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Crazy Eddie

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“Crazy Eddie Background,” from www.whitecollarfraud.com, website of Sam Antar

DeAngelis, Anthony

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Diamond, Great Hoax

“The Great Diamond Hoax and Other Stunning Episodes in the Life of Asbury Harpending,” edited by James H. Wilkins, 1913
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Ebbers, Bernie

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Equity, Funding

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Estes, Billie Sol

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Figueroa, Ramon Baez

“Dominican Republic in Crisis,” The New York Times, 12/29/03
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Frankel, Martin

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Halksworth, Graham

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HBO & Co.

“Top Executives are Removed at McKesson,” New York Times, 6/22/99
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Heath, Daniel

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Hodgson, Antoinette

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Keating, Charles

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Kozlowski, Dennis

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Kreuger, Ivar

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Kumar, Sanjay

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Law, John

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Leeson, Nick

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Lewis, James P. Jr

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Madoff, Bernard

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Minkow, Barry

“Wonderboy: The Kid who Swindled Wall Street,” by Daniel Akst, Scribner's Sons, 1990
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Musica, Philip


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Payne, Gerald

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Pearlman, Lou

“A Scheme Unravels,” St. Petersburg Times, 2/6/07
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“Some Investors Got Out of Lou Pearlman’s Ponzi Scheme, But Not Soon Enough,” St. Petersburg Times, 4/25/09

Petters, Thomas


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Ponzi, Charles

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Rastogi, Brothers

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“Suspected Fraudsters Move into Mobile Phone Sales,” The Guardian, 7/26/04
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Rigas, John

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Rothstein, Scott

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Scrushy, Richard

"The Rise and Fall of Richard Scrushy, Entrepreneur," The New York Times, 3/21/03
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Slatkin, Reed

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