Barry Minkow: The Boy Wonder of Wall Street. -- The Con: A charismatic teenager grows a carpet cleaning business into a $300 million company. The only problem? ZZZZ Best is a complete sham, built on fake contracts, credit card fraud, mob money, and one bank loan after another.  -- The Damage: $100 Million
Art of the Con

What does it take to be a con artist? Learn about the craft on Art of the Con - from tools of the trade to the best climate for a con. And check out the con timeline to see the trends over time.

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The Conwatch

February 1, 2011: The technology of fraud

You can find anything on the Internet — and so can a thief.  A wily crook takes note of the personal information that you’ve conveniently provided on a social networking site like Facebook and uses those details to rid you of as much cash as possible.  A column in the Sacramento Bee this weekend gave […]

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