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Los Angeles Times : JULY 2, 2009

What Madoff, Minkow and Ponzi now have in common

They’ve been inducted into the Con Artist Hall of Infamy, a website designed to be a comprehensive educational tool to help readers understand and prevent white-collar crime, the site’s founders say.

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KCBS Radio : JULY 3, 2009

Madoff, Ponzi, Other Scoundrels

Becca MacLaren describes the well-known con men whose frauds warrant them a place in the "Con Artist Hall of Infamy" launched this week.

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SF Gate : JULY 3, 2009

Two billionaires who are fascinated by con men

Their names are usually associated with top-flight business deals... But now they may be known for their association with crooks and con artists. No, no, no, no, not because Warren Hellman and Arthur Rock are con artists. Because they are fascinated by them.

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The Stimulist : JULY 10, 2009

Con Artist Hall of Infamy

Seeing Bernie Madoff sentenced to 150 years in jail didn't exactly bring closure. Not only is the guy going to eat three meals a day on the taxpayer's dime, we still don't know how he pulled off the biggest con in history. How do we know it was the largest swindle ever?

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Westwood One Radio Nework's 'America in the Morning' show : JULY 15, 2009

Great Con Artists Website

Radio interview with Warren Hellman, Arthur Rock, and writer Becca MacLaren.

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